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Golf Around the World Guest Quotes

We recently returned home from our Golf Around the World trip and want to share feedback from our guest surveys.

K.C., New Orleans, LA – “Great concept and outstanding execution. All of the golf courses were spectacular.” 

J.V. and L.V., Calgary, AB – “First class all the way!!!”

D.M., Greenwich, CT – “I wish the trip could have kept going! There were too many wonderful things. The entertainment/presentation was spectacular in so many places. I loved the setting (shows) in Chiang Mai, Fiji, Bali and the desert trip in Dubai.”

R.S., Dallas, TX – “We enjoyed the trip very much. The attention to detail and handling of all the logistical elements made a hectic trip easy to enjoy. We are very glad we made the trip and even if it was filled with long days and short nights, we would highly recommend it to our friends. The Kalos staff was terrific, the planning detailed, the golf totally enjoyable and the organized social events entertaining and fun. An incredibly complex trip made easy to enjoy due to the work and energy of the Kalos staff. We experienced interesting cultures, played golf with new friends, enjoyed interesting cuisines and enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow travelers.”

A.F., Palm Beach Gardens, FL – “Fabulous, truly exceeded our expectations. Everything was so well coordinated; the golf, the hotels and air went so smoothly.”

D.C., Bonita Springs, FL – “The quality of golf and the quality of the people you get to travel with; that’s what keeps us coming back.”

R.A., New Bern, NC – “I honestly can’t single out one highlight as I enjoyed so many. The entertainment at Chiang Mai stands out. I was captivated by the entertainment and then setting off the lanterns in the park was delightful.”

E.F., Palm City, FL – “I believe everything was excellent so it’s difficult to single out one particular highlight.”

M.C., Naples, FL – “Highlights for me were golf at Fancourt’s two courses, dinner in the desert, beautiful hotels and wonderful guides.”

C.M and M.M, Kihei, HI – “This was our first Kalos Golf trip and it won’t be our last. We were so impressed with every aspect of this trip from start to finish. We had an incredible adventure. The locations were fascinating, the courses beautiful and fun to play, the off-the-course excursions were creative and adventurous. We enjoyed our fellow travelers and made new friends, whom we look forward to seeing again. Logistics were handled so expertly, making it incredibly easy for us to travel comfortably relaxed and rested. Kalos truly sets the gold standard in this kind of travel. We can’t wait for our next trip! Highlights of the trip for us were:

  • The jet, flight crew, food on the plane (bonus points for starting us out with champagne and caviar)
  • The accommodations were lovely and comfortable in every location
  • The entire Kalos crew
  • The local guides and on-the-ground teams
  • The variety of off-the-course tours. Loved the elephants, the helicopter tour of Dubai
  • The golf courses were amazing – some very challenging, some just plain fun to play, but all very different in their own special ways. Favorites were Fancourt Links and Anahita
  • The group dinners/entertainment were always delightful and such a great way to spend the evening with new friends and get a “taste” of local cuisine and culture.”


G.W., Bonita Springs, FL – “Highlights for me were visiting countries I had not previously been to and learning about their customs; playing golf on top-rated courses; interacting with guests and staff from all over North America.”

L.L., Forest, VA – “The highlights for me were the beautiful golf courses. The group evening entertainment was also a highlight.”

E.R., Bonita Springs, FL – “This was a very ambitious trip. Perhaps adding a couple of days to the itinerary would have made it easier. I enjoyed playing all the different golf courses with all their own characteristics. All in all, definitely a once in a lifetime trip! Apart from playing all the different courses, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the game reserve and being able to get so close to lions was very exciting. The lunch they served there was very enjoyable. I also enjoyed the elephant walk and being kissed by an elephant; not something that happens too often! Being able to sail through most of the airports was also memorable, if only flying could be like this all the time, what a joy!”

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